Block management is the process of managing the communal areas of properties or a property portfolio. Block management companies try to ensure that either the landlord or client gets value for money for their service charge payments. Other block management tasks include making sure the building or property portfolio is maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Block management tasks involve communication with a variety of contractors in respect of maintenance and repairs. Block mangers require are required to understand legislation and leasehold matters. Routine inspections are an important aspect of property management to check the property is in good order.

Our block management software is the perfect tool to assist block managers, property managers and managing agents. The block management software crates professional reports to give to your clients and flat owners. Report any maintenance issues efficiently back to the block manager and customers.

Block Management Report Software

All historical reports created using our block management software are easily accessible. A great feature is all reports can be sent via email to eradicate paper. Document management is a great benefit of our system for block managers. All software updates are free of charge for users of our block management software.

To find out how our block management software can benefit your business and increase productivity. Contact us to request a free demo of the system so you can see for yourself all our exciting features.

What is Block Management UK?

Block management in the UK is a service provided by block management companies to residential leasehold buildings. Property management is carried out by block managers, property managers and managing agents. Most managing agents will have either a block management software or block management system to help with tasks and productivity.

What is a block property manager?

Property management companies employ block property managers to manage and maintain the communal areas of their clients' property portfolio. Their tasks are to provide an efficient customer focused service for clients.

What is involved in block management?

Typically block managers will look after the maintenance aspects regarding the communal operations and health and safety regulations. Block management companies will also be involved in other aspect of property management such as financial and legal.

Do block management companies need to use a block management software?

Most block management companies will use either a property management software or block management software. Block managers can use block management software to issue service charges and ground rent demands. Block management software helps block managers raise invoices and track expenditure on supplier invoices. Managing agents sometimes use property management software for accounting functionality and financial reporting.