At Peach Software we believe our property inspection app is the future of property inspection software. Our property inspection app will improve the inspection process for property managers, property inspectors, property owners and inventory clerks.

The property inspection software is accessed using a mobile device to create the most detailed property inspection reports available. We have integrated with latest 360 degree camera technology on the market. This allows property inspections to feature the entire room in one picture.

The property inspection app also allows property inspectors the ability to add videos to the property inspection reports. All inspection reports created using the property inspection software will be in client’s colours and logos.

The future of property reporting is via our mobile app and our inspection software is a great way to impress clients. All reports created on our inspection software are stored on our web management suite.

What is a property inventory report?

Follow-up interim visits are even faster to produce using our property inspection app. This is because the property inspection app can convert the previous inspection into a new inspection report. This even give you the ability to see the information on the previous report all from the property inspection app.

An interim property inspection is also known as property visit report or mid term inspection report. These property inspection reports are a great way for property managers and landlords to identify maintenance issues. If any issues are identified, these can be addressed with the tenant before further issues arise.

Fully integrated 360° photographs

What is the purpose of a routine property inspection?

Interim property inspection process is carried out to ensure the property is well cared for and the tenants are not in breach of their tenancy agreement. The property inspections are usually conducted by property owners, property managers or inventory clerks.

How often should a landlord or property managers inspect a property?

Most letting agents or landlords conduct property visit reports every quarter this is why they are also referred to as mid term inspections or interim property inspections.

Is your property inspection app just for letting agents and property managers?

Our property inspection app is designed for anyone needing to carry inspection reports. This includes property managers and property inspectors, but also landlords and inventory clerks. We believe our mobile app and residential inspection software will be an asset to anyone carrying out property visits.

Why use a property inspection app?

A property inspection app makes massively streamlines the property inspection process, and allows user to complete reports at the property. The Peach Software property inspection app also exciting features such as 360 degree photographs and videos.

Who is your property inspection app designed for?

The Peach Software property inspection app also referred to as mid term inspection and property visits is designed for all property professionals. Property managers and property inspectors will significantly benefit from our property inspection app.

The introduction of features such a 360 degree photographs are the perfect way to give landlords a more immersive experience. The inspection app will massively reduce the time spent in the property. Our inspection app also incorporates videos saving property managers time taking numerous individual photos of items.

Anyone with a home inspection business will benefit from the inspection app. Property managers will find this a great tool for effective property management.